Boil Water Advisory

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Appalachian rarely needs to issue a Boil Water Advisory, in most cases of a necesssary repair, positive water pressure is maintained to prevent potential contamination from entering a water line.  Positive pressure and flushing are typically used to prevent the introduction of bacteria into the water system

In the event of an Advisory, notice will be published in the local newspaper, local radio stations, and local news stations.  Once the Boil Water Advisory is lifted, notice that it is lifted will be posted here and provided to same media.  It generally takes atleast 48 hours to receive test results for bacteria samples before the advisory can be lifted.  Two consecutive days of sampling is required by the Pennsylvania DEP.

Boiling water for at least one minute will kill bacteria if any are present. It is recommended that all your water sources be flushed by letting the water run for a few minutes when the Boil Water Advisory is lifted.

There is no Boil Water Advisory currently in effect.

Any Boil Water Advisory details will appear here.

Details regarding Boil Water Advisories will appear here.

There is no Boil Water Advisory currently in effect.
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