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Flushing Schedule

Appalachian Utilities, Inc. periodically schedules flushing of the entire system in order to maintain the quality of water and operation of all fire hydrants.


There may be water discoloration during flushing which conditions are not harmful. Simply let your cold water tap run until the water becomes clear again. It is recommended not to operate dishwashers or washing machines for laundry during flushing. It is also recommended that you turn off and drain your water heater during flushing to prevent collection of discolored water in your hot water supply or flush your hot water heater after each flushing.

Spring 2024 flushing schedule will be posted closer to that date.
When we are working in your area you may experience intermittent pressure loss and/or slightly turbid water from time to time. 
Thank you very much for your patience with this important annual maintenance of the community water distribution system.
Flushing Schedule
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